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And if you’re someone who is in the business of selling firearms, then we’re sure that you have told us that you looked into working with GunBroker.

This is a place where there are tons of listings from people all over the United States for any type of firearm you’re looking for.

Like with any other business, one of the main concerns comes when it gets to the final part of the transaction, and that is the payment. So which payment gateway can you utilize when buying firearms online, and which is the best?

GunBroker, except for the wide range of payment gateways, the best options may be either Fast Charge, Fort Pointe Payments, or Invovio.

That being said, we’re going to take a look at some other manners to allow you to determine which is the best payment gateway to use on GunBroker for you and your business.


Which Payment Gateway is the Most Popular?

The truth is there are a lot of choices, and it depends on what type of business you’re running. There are many that love velocity and then others that choose to go with gateways like Fast Charge.

Each of the payment gateways has its pluses and minuses, so our best suggestion is not to go with the most popular but the one that fits your business.

Look into the benefits and disadvantages of each and make an educated decision based on what your business and you need from your payment gateway.


What Payment Methods Does GunBroker Accept?

There are a whole slew of payment gateway options when it comes to selling your firearms through GunBroker. The one to choose is the one that is the best for you, but here’s a list of the accepted payment gateways that the platform supports:


  • Fast Charge
  • Fort Point Payments
  • Inovio
  • Applied Merchant (Now Aurora Payments)
  • BNG
  • BlueDog
  • Braintree
  • Clearent
  • CoreClear
  • CyberSource
  • EBizCharge
  • Elavon
  • eProcessingNetwork (ePN)
  • FirstPay
  • FluidPay
  • Heartland (see Heartland terms for allowable products)
  • Maverick BankCard
  • Moneris
  • Network Merchants Inc.
  • OmniPay
  • Payeezy FirstData
  • Payflow Pro
  • Payjunction
  • PaySafe
  • PayTrace
  • Pinwheel
  • Pivotal
  • Transnational
  • TSYS
  • USAePay
  • Velocity
  • Zen Payments


How Do You Enable Payment Gateway on GunBroker?

The most important step of the whole process to ensure you get paid is to enable your payment gateway. In order to do this, you’re going to navigate to the checkout system.

So the very first thing is you already have to have an account with that payment gateway, and it needs to be one that the platform supports.

Once you have that done, you can then execute the following steps to ensure that your payment gateway is set up with your account:


  • You are going to select the check box that says enable a payment gateway for my options.
  • When you do that, a drop-down box will appear, and all you have to do is Scroll down the list and choose the payment gateway.
  • Then fill out all the fields that are required for the gateway and click save changes.
  • We suggested you then test the payment gateway to ensure everything is hooked up properly.


Can You Use a Credit Card With GunBroker Pay?

For those looking to make purchases on GunBroker, understanding whether you can use a credit card is important, as most people use this method on online forums. The answer really depends on the seller’s preference.

Some will opt to allow not only the use of payment gateways like the ones we discussed but also credit card payments. But overall, yes, you can use a credit card to check out as long as the seller has opted to allow that form of payment.


Does GunBroker Pay Charge a Fee?

When you sign up for GunBroker pay, you’re looking at a system that offers low transaction fees. Everything is very transparent when it comes to these fees. In addition, there is no monthly fee which is always A plus.

When it comes to transactions, there is a 1.4% transaction fee which is very low compared to many standard credit card fees. That means, as a seller, you are keeping more of the profits than you would in many other scenarios.


Final Thoughts on Best GunBroker Payment Gateway

In order to ensure that the transactions and everything are above board, going with a platform like a gun broker to sell your farms is a plus.

But before you jump in, you need to understand everything about the payment gateways and which one is the best. Honestly, the best choice, in our opinion, is the one that fits your business and your need to research and choose wisely.