Does Square Take PayPal?

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PayPal Logo outlined - Does Square Take PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most popular methods of payment nowadays. As a result, the processing company has seen a growth in customer base over the past decade or so. It is by far not the only option, though, as many people have begun moving towards Square.

This mobile payment company offers a wealth of different services, including software, hardware products, and point-of-sales systems. It is very popular, has been downloaded over 30 million times, and helps over 2 million sellers run their businesses. 

However, even with its popularity, you can see why people may want to still pay with their PayPal account.

So does Square take PayPal? The simple answer is that it doesn’t unless you have a paid plan. With that paid plan, it brings certain features, like including a PayPal button on your online shop. But there’s more to it than that, so let’s take a look!


Can You Use Square With PayPal?

A simple square account does not accept PayPal accounts. But if you opt to utilize a payment plan, it does give you the option to add a PayPal checkout button on your online store. 

This gives you a little more versatility when it comes to forms of payment.

It makes sense that Square generally wouldn’t take PayPal as it is a competitor in some aspects. 

But knowing that many people utilize their PayPal account to pay for things, the Square programmers and designers knew they had to figure out a way to allow you to utilize this type of payment.


What Payment Methods Does Square Accept?

Understanding the payment methods available to your customers is vital when deciding what payment processing company to go through. For example, when you choose Square, your customers can use any US-based and internationally-issued magstripe or chip cards. 

That means that they accept visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, or UnionPay logoed cards. Along with traditional credit cards, Square is also able to accept digital wallets. For example, Square can accept Apple Pay, Samsung pay, and Google Pay.


How Do I Add PayPal To My Square Account?

So as you see from the payment that’s accepted by Square above, PayPal is not one of these standard options. But as we said, if you register for a paid account, then you should be able to add a PayPal checkout button to your store.

Here are the steps to do that:


  • On your square online overview page, you’re going to head to settings and then to check out.
  • There should be a drop-down for PayPal, and then you’re going to hit connect and log into your PayPal account to authorize that connection.


It’s that simple. But one word of note when your customers opt to use PayPal, they won’t be able to pay for online bookings, gift cards, or local delivery fees.


How Much Does Square Take Per Transaction?

Before you opt to use Square instead of PayPal or any other processing system, you need to understand the fees. Square has a standard processing fee of 2.6% plus $0.10 for contactless payments.

If you opt to use keyed-in transactions, there is a 3.5% + 15 cent fee for those types of transactions. Understanding the transaction fees will allow you to account for their bottom line when you are pricing your products, which is always a good thing.


Is Square Better Than PayPal?

Depending on your business model, the extra weather square is better than PayPal. If you’re a brick-and-mortar or small business that takes payments in person, Square may be a better option. 

This is because it offers hardware and easy-to-use software. But if you’re running an online or eCommerce store, PayPal may be the better fit.

The truth is it’s really up to you. There is one big difference, and that is the POS system. Square offers a lot more business tools and employee management, whereas PayPal has a limited function and is just for payment processing. 

So you have to weigh your options, and that’s right for you and your business.


Final Thoughts on Does Square Take PayPal

In the end, if you’re taking in-person payments, you will not be able to take PayPal payments. But if you are utilizing Square on your online store and have a paid plan subscription, then you can add the PayPal button to check out the period of the course. 

As we said above, there are certain things that your customers won’t be able to pay for PayPal with, but on the whole, it may make the payment process easier for those that like to utilize PayPal.