What is the Most Used Credit Card?

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Three credit cards on a white surface - What is the Most Used Credit Card?

We all know the four different card networks

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • America Express

Each card company offers many different types of cards depending on the specific needs of an individual or business. But, have you ever wondered what the top used card is?

That answer is not as cut and clear as you think. There are many different factors in why people get the cards they are using. When we look at the four major networks, though, Visa seems to hold the number 1 spot as the most used.


How Did it Become the Most Used?

With Visa’s estimated 838 million credit cards in circulation, it’s easy to see how they became the most used card. However, what might surprise you is that Visa is also the oldest as well.

Visa began gaining popularity when Bank of America launched its first consumer credit card program in 1958. The program became so popular that 60,000 cards were issued within a very short time.

It would be in 1976, almost 20 years later, before that first program’s name would change to Visa. Becoming the first digital payment company offering safe, fast, and reliable means of payment all over the world.


What is the Most Used Credit Card in the US?

In the US, it seems the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, offered on the Visa platform, is a favorite among many card holders.

Topping out in the top 10 best cards list. This card has a lot of incentives for cardholders and can be seen advertised alongside popular cashback, hotel, and airline cards.

This card also offers so many easy ways to earn points and allows you flexibility in how you want to redeem the points you have earned.

With the pay-yourself-back program, where you can request statement credits, using this card could also help save you money on your actual statement.


What is the Most Popular Card Worldwide?

Since the first card was issued in 1999, the American Express Centurion Card has been the most coveted card in the world. Also known as the Amex black card, this isn’t a card that you can apply for and has some steep fees.

Though there is a lot of speculation surrounding the card and its membership, most information about this exclusive card is kept a secret. However, one thing is for certain possession of the Amex Black Card brings status among businesses and peers alike.


Are There Any Countries where Credit Cards are not Accepted?

It may be hard to believe that in today’s times, some still don’t accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is due to the high instances of fraud in these countries.

Here is a list of where your credit card won’t be accepted:


  • Lebanon
  • Nigeria
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • Palestine


It’s best practice to check the country you may be traveling to or through to ensure you always have an acceptable way to pay.


How Many People in the US Use Credit Cards?

It is estimated that over half the US population, or 191 million people use credit cards. This number is bound to grow in the coming years as credit cards are becoming more and more the most accepted form of payment.

Some stores are even opting out of cash payments altogether, making card payments their only acceptable payment option. As this decision grows more popular among businesses, soon, everyone will need a card to shop at most places.


Final Thoughts on the Most Used Credit Card

Credit Cards are here to stay for much of the foreseeable future. So which credit card to use might be a harder question altogether. However, there are several things to consider when choosing which card might be right for you.

Do your research and pick a card that is more in line with what you want out of your card. Whether that is travel rewards, cash back rewards, or any other offers, a card is just right for you.