What Bank Owns American Express?

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An American Express credit card and a lock - What Bank Owns this?

One of the world’s most well-known and used credit cards is American Express. But unfortunately, the credit card company’s reputation and popularity are not enough for most people to sign up. 

So instead, many people want to do research and dive into everything they need to know about American Express. American Express is a financial company that operates not only a credit card service but also the American Express national break. 

Not only does this bank offer a credit card, but it also acts like a normal bank and has banking accounts, offers loans, and other important banking services.

But there’s so much more to know about American Express and its parent bank that we’re going to give you a brief look at all the pertinent information in this quick article.


Where Are Its Headquarters?

American Express National Bank runs American Express. This financial institution, though primarily known for its credit card, also provides other services like traditional banks, payment processing, and other important services.

Its primary headquarters is based in New York City, New York. But there are offices and locations throughout the United States.


Is American Express Part of Bank of America?

As we have said, American Express is a company that is focused on financial management in many ways, including the American Express National Bank. That means that it is not part of the Bank of America family. 

However, if you’re wondering if Bank of America offers American Express, that is a completely different answer.

Bank of America no longer offers American Express credit cards as of November 2020. This means that Bank of America and American Express are not a part of each other in any aspect.


Is American Express National Bank a Real Bank?

American Express National Bank is a new business for the AMEX company. Over the past few years, American Express moved into banking services with an online-only bank. This bank is FDIC insured and offers many of the standard bank’s offers.

Here are a few you can get if you decide to open up an America First National Bank account:


  • High-yield savings account
  • Checking account
  • CDs
  • Personal loans
  • Investment management
  • Business Banking
  • IRA savings plans


So you see, American Express is primarily known as a credit company. However, its new expansion into banking is quite legit. 

Even with no brick-and-mortar branches, this online bank is still an excellent option for many people and offers various bank accounts to choose from. In addition, the fees are reasonable, and the web-based banking site is easy to navigate.


What ATM Can You Use For American Express?

When you sign up for an American Express account with American Express National Bank, your course will receive a debit card. But this debit card may have a few limitations. 

For example, like with any other form of debit card, the logo on it plays a part in what ATM you can use. The best way to tell what ATMs you can use with your American Express card is to look for ones with the logo. 

When you step up to any ATM, you’ll notice that there will be little icons and logos of the cards that are accepted. Those that have the American Express logo are the ones you can use.

If you are unsure and don’t want to hunt for those ATMs, though, the website itself offers an ATM locator that should be able to help you navigate and find an ATM rather easily.


Top 4 Companies Owned by American Express

Like many other credit cards, American Express has diversified and bought into many different companies. That means they own multiple branches in different industries, all related to financial management.

The top four companies owned by American Express are:


  • American Express TRS – this company focuses on travel-related services. In other words, it offers via transactions with merchants that have a direct relationship with American Express itself. It also makes humiliated purchases.
  • American Express National Bank – as we said above, this is American Express’s foray into the online banking industry. It acts as a Standard Bank, except it has no branches and therefore can offer improved fees and rates.
  • Accertify – This is a global company that focuses on fraud prevention. With offices in multiple points across the globe, the company focuses on preventing online payment fraud and risk management.
  • AMEX Assurance Company – This is an insurance underwriter specifically for travel insurance and other products that American Express companies may sell.


Final Thoughts on What Bank Owns American Express

Any other bank not own American Express. In fact, its own company has branched out into online banking within the last couple of years. 

It is a well-respected and well-known global financial institution that can help not only with credit card services but a plethora of other financial services as well.