What Is MCC On Shopify?

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Shopify website on a phone screen - What Is MCC On Shopify?

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform used by lots of businesses online. It allows you to customize your own design to create a storefront that is uniquely yours.

Shopify also deals with all the logistics of payments, processing, shipping, and more. It’s easy to use and super convenient, so it’s no wonder so many businesses say this is their favorite platform.

However, the platform requires an MCC number when signing up on Shopify. So what is this number, and why does Shopify require it? Read on to find out!


What Does it Mean in Payment?

An MCC is a number and stands for the merchant category code. This four-digit number identifies your business as a specific type of business that offers services or products. It’s provided to you by Visa or Mastercard.

For example, MCCs 5000–5599 are for retail outlet services, MCCs 4000–4799 are for transportation services, and MCCs 5600–5699 are for clothing services.

Of course, the provided MCC codes are different depending on the credit card processor, so you can look up the list on their website. In addition, this number can change according to the goods you offer, so make sure you are always keeping it updated.


How Do You Look It Up?

As a business owner, you can contact your credit card processor, like Visa, and ask for your merchant category code. They will let you know what your MCC is or how to find it yourself.

You can search for the merchant category codes your credit card provider offers on their website, and a simple online search will surely help you reach the site.

You can also find a phone number on the back of your credit card. If you call this phone number, your credit card provider customer service team will be happy to help you find your MCC.

You can also take a look at a recent bank statement to find your merchant description, which will show you your merchant category, which you can then connect to a merchant category code.


Who Assigns an MCC?

A merchant category code is a special number assigned by your credit card provider. This can be Visa, MasterCard, or whatever other providers you use. It will classify you as a business providing specific products, whether clothing, agricultural services, or more.

It’s important to know our MCC since this will be required if you are planning to use Shopify as your eCommerce platform. You can look up all your credit card provider’s available merchant category codes on your website.

If you know your merchant category, you can try to match the code on the website. Otherwise, you can also call your credit card provider to know your code.


How Can You Update it on Shopify?

To update your MCC on your Shopify, you have to go to the admin profile. Once you are on Shopify admin, go into the setting sections and then payments.

In the payments section, you should look for the button to manage the page. After you click manage, look for the customer billing section, and here you should be able to change the MCC of your Shopify.

However, in some cases, Shopify will not allow you to change your MCC on Shopify. In these cases, all you have to do is contact the Shopify customer service line. Once you let them know the issue and what you wish to update your MCC to, they will help you do it in no time.


What are the Common MCC Problems on Shopify?

One of the biggest issues with MCC on Shopify is that you won’t be able to update your merchant category code on Shopify yourself.

If you wish to change your MCC on Shopify, you have to contact the platform’s customer service line. Once you get in touch with a Shopify employee, just let them know your current code and what you wish to change, and they should get it done.

As you let the customer service team know what you wish to change your MCC to, they will have it done for you in about 24-48 hours. Then, just check your Shopify settings to see if they have changed it or not, and if not, just contact them again.


Final Thoughts on MCC in Shopify

An MCC is a number you need for a working Shopify eCommerce store. You should note down this number.

However, if you lose it, it’s no problem. Just contact your credit card provider, and they will let you know how to find it. Once you have it, just input it into your Shopify, and you are good to go!