What is Merchant Services Experience?

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A white blank credit card on a POS transaction machine - What is Merchant Services Experience?

Merchant services experience is the experience that you, the business owner, have when you process a customer or client’s credit/debit card payment.

The behind the scene steps, from swiping the card to receiving the funds in your business’s bank account, is a service provided by the company chosen to process card payments.


How do Merchant Services Make Money?

There are a number of ways merchant service providers make money. Some of the ways include:


  • Equipment Fees- Merchants are sometimes required to purchase card readers upfront. While a few companies may offer a free machine, most have a fee attached to them.
  • Processing fees- Some companies charge a small percentage of each transaction processed.
  • Business Start-Up Fees- Can also be considered application fees
  • Through other payment partners


Researching which merchant services provider would be the best fit for your business will help you understand what fees they charge and how much. Each company is different, so finding one that will meet your individual needs will be crucial to your bottom line.


Is PayPal a Merchant Services Provider?

While PayPal’s services fall under the general term of merchant services provider, they are not considered a merchant services provider. Instead, Paypal is a third-party payment services provider. What does that mean?

PayPal doesn’t offer individualized services just for merchants. They don’t have specialists that manage merchant accounts. As a result, merchants have a much higher chance of funds being withheld or, worse, their accounts terminated altogether.


Who is Considered a Merchant in Online Payments?

Online merchants are no different than real word merchants. They are any company, business, or individual that offers a product or service. Some examples would be:


  • Any individual seller on Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Chewy


All of these sites would be considered online merchants. You are a merchant if you have a payment entry page on your site.


Is Merchant Sales a Good Job?

Thousands of businesses open each year, and with that growth, merchant services have also seen continuous growth, with no signs of stopping.

Couple that with high-income potential and residual income opportunities, and it’s easy to see why merchant sales are considered an in-demand career.

Good people skills are a must for this job, as building great merchant relationships will determine just how much you can make in this industry.

Like most jobs, always be ready to learn so you can be an asset to new and old merchants, ensuring you reach your full potential.