What is the Size of the Average Credit Card?

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A Mastercard held by a hand - What is the Size of the Average Credit Card?

Did you know that almost every credit card is the same size? This is because credit card companies use an industry standard regarding the size. This standard ensures that account holders can use their card anywhere they need to make a transaction.


What are the Dimensions of the Average Credit Card?

The average size of most cards follows the same dimensions:


  • 3.37 inches wide
  • 2.125 inches high
  • .0299 inches thick


These measurements are also referred to as ID-1 or CR80 in standard size. Using these dimensions allows for easy fitting in wallets, card holders, and card machines across the globe.


Are All Credit Cards the Same Size?

In order to meet the industry standard, all credit cards will closely match in dimensions.

The International Organization for Standardization, which sets the standards across many industries, sets the card guidelines in order to guarantee card holders can use their accounts anywhere in the world.

By following these guidelines, account holders can make quick card transactions without worrying as to whether their card will work on foreign card machines or ATMs.

Making travel less of a headache with no need to carry large amounts of cash that may need to be exchanged, depending on where a purchase is being made.


Are All Cards Equal in Weight?

While all cards may have the same dimensions, not all will weigh the same. Credit cards can be made out of different types of materials. Plastic is the most common material used to make credit cards, but it also comes in different metal types.

Here’s a list of a few cards and what they weigh:


  • Standard Plastic Cards- 5 Grams
  • JP Morgan Reserve Card- 27 Grams
  • Luxury Card MasterCard Gold Card – 22 Grams
  • Citi Prestige – 18 Grams


Owning one of these heavier metal cards can be considered a status symbol to cardholders and merchants alike. If a customer hands you a metal card, you know they have earned it by meeting certain criteria in order to qualify.


What is a Mini Card?

MasterCard’s Mini Card is a rewards card for MINI Cooper owners and enthusiasts. MINI Cooper owners love their cars and love to accessorize their cars as well.

With the Mini MasterCard Card, cardholders get special discounts and points when they use their card for purchases pertaining to this much-loved vehicle.


What Can You Use the Mini Card For?

MasterCard’s Mini card was designed to reward MINI Cooper owners for their everyday purchases. With bigger rewards when the cardholder uses it for things like:


  • Lease End Fees
  • Maintenance services for your MINI Cooper
  • MINI accessories


Final Thoughts on the Average Size of a Credit Card

Credit cards do not really vary in size. Due to technical reasons, such as ATMs and other standardized equipment for money withdrawal/paying, it makes sense that credit cards have a universal dimension.