Merchant Purchase Terminal Number Lookup

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Man checking a payment receipt - Merchant Purchase Terminal Number Lookup

For the purpose of processing credit cards, each online retailer receives a special merchant identification number or MID. 

Computer networks use these numbers to identify the merchants behind each transaction that is executed. Below, we’ll explain in more detail what MID and merchant ID number searches are.


Where Can You Look Up Your Merchant Purchase Terminal Number?

Any transaction receipts or statements should provide a space for you to search up your Merchant ID Number. Depending on the merchant services firm you choose, it could also be printed on letters or business cards.

A merchant ID number is simple to get. All you have to do to get a MID number is register for a merchant account via a payment processor.

Ask for an explanation if your payment processor doesn’t provide your company with a MID number. Even if it hasn’t been told to you, you probably have a MID number.


How Does Looking Up Merchant Purchase Terminal Number Look Like?

There are a few places you might search if you’re looking to locate your merchant ID number. Some of the easiest locations to locate your MID number are listed below:

If you look at one, a 15-digit number should be present in the top-right corner of a recent merchant statement. So, for example, your MID number is this.

Your merchant ID number may appear under each transaction on your bank statement if you transfer money from your merchant account to your bank account. 

An ID number for a merchant may occasionally be found on a payment terminal. When looking for it, be sure that this isn’t your terminal ID number.


What Do You Need to Know Before You Lookup a Merchant Purchase Terminal Number?

A 15-digit number called a merchant ID number, or MID is used to make credit and debit card transactions at your company easier.  

This number, which serves as a digital address to your company’s merchant account, is given to you by either an acquiring bank or a payment processor.

You must have the proper merchant ID number if you want a customer’s funds to arrive in your merchant account after completing a credit card transaction. This number instructs the payment ecosystem where to send the cash.


How Long Does it Take to Lookup for a Merchant Purchase Terminal Number?

Merchant IDs cannot be found as public data since they are private information. Therefore, you cannot use the merchant ID number lookup system if you are not associated with the company you are looking for. 

Once more, these are private numbers that are utilized for money routing—much like a bank account. So looking up the merchant purchase terminal number won’t take too long. 


What if You Can’t Find a Merchant Purchase Terminal Number?

Look in the upper right corner of your MSP merchant statement. Contact your processor or merchant services provider and ask them if you can’t find a similar 15-digit number. On your terminal – MSPs or processors may occasionally write the ID to your terminal.

Once more, these are private numbers that are utilized for money routing—much like a bank account. You don’t want the public to learn about these figures.

Unless your processor does things differently, MIDs are normally 15 digits long. There are several ways to locate MIDs.


Final Thoughts on Looking Up Merchant Purchase Number

It’s time to register a merchant account and obtain your own MID number now that you are familiar with the fundamental components of merchant ID numbers. 

You may take payments in a variety of ways if you use a payment processing platform that provides merchant ID numbers. Not only will this increase your income, but it will also make it much simpler for your customers to pay for the items and services you provide!


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