What Are Wish Fees for Merchants?

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There are many different answers to this question floating around the web, but we’ll break this question down by answering straight from the source.

There is no monthly fee for being a merchant on Wish, so you only pay when you make sales.

According to Wish, there are two ways to pay fees. One is that Wish takes a percentage through each transaction depending on item price and category. The other way is by having a set amount taken from each transaction.

It’ll depend on the type of merchant and other standards and policies, but we’ll get into that later.


Fees in More Detail

Above, we briefly covered Wish fees for merchants. Now, we are going to go into a bit more detail. You may be wondering what the set fee is, if that’s how your commission goes or what percentage will be taken out of each sale. 

Wish has a progressive commission structure, which basically means you are charged a commission based on your sales, and the more you sell, the more commission Wish takes. 

Generally, the percentages charged for each sale are dependent upon the category of the item, which includes:


  • Apparel
  • Jewelry and clothing
  • Electronics


There is also a set transaction fee of $0.30 for each order. All fees are issued in USD unless Wish states otherwise and, of course, are the responsibility of the merchant along with any applicable taxes.


Is it Worth being a Wish Merchant?

Now that you know a bit more about Wish’s commission structure, you may wonder if it is worth it. 

It really depends on what you’re selling and how much. So besides all the policies and standards, you have to measure your profits against the percentages you know will come out of each transaction.

Wish also has tiers that determine how much commission is taken out of each transaction. There are four tiers:


  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze


Let’s make an example here. Assume a U.S.-based customer buys four jewelry items worth $40 (USD). Therefore, out of the $160 spent, Wish will take 15% of the original cost, which is $21.20, leaving you with $138.80, which is a pretty decent deal. 


Can Fees for Merchants on Wish Change?

As we discussed, the commission percentages change based on the category of items sold and the merchant’s tier. 

Since we have already drawn a picture of what those commissions look like through the table in the above section, now we are going to explain the influence of the different tiers. 

The tiers will greatly influence how many commission fees are taken out of each transaction.

The setup for tiers on Wish is that the highest tiers get charged the least commission, and the lowest tiers get a higher percentage of commissions taken out of each transaction. You can gain a higher tier level by performing better, selling more, and getting high ratings.


What Are the Lowest Fees for Merchants on Wish?

When it comes to the lowest fees for merchants on Wish, we have to consider the merchant tier and the category of the items being sold.

One of the perks of being in the higher tiers, Platinum and Gold, is the 10% discount that is taken off of the item value fee, which is normally up to 15% (or higher if within the EU) of the item cost.

The other thing that needs to be considered is the item category. Apparel items such as accessories, clothing, and jewelry have a higher fee percentage than items listed as other or electronics. 

You still have to remember to calculate the transaction fee of $0.30 for each order, but top sellers have a limit on how many transaction fees they have to pay. 


When Are Wish Fees for Merchant the Highest?

If a merchant is in the Bronze or Silver tier, they have a 10% premium on the item value fee, as opposed to the upper tiers’ 10% discount.

The commission fee percentage of each item category also changes based on tier, so if you are in the Silver or Bronze tier, you will pay the higher percentage listed for the item category.

For example, if you are selling apparel and accessories, the percentage would look like this:


  • Platinum & Gold – 13.5%
  • Silver – 15%
  • Bronze – 16.5%


Just remember, the lower the tier, the higher the fees, and remember that the type of items you sell come with different fees.


Final Thoughts on Wish Fees for Merchants

Hopefully, after reading all this information on Wish merchant fees, you will feel more prepared to register and start selling. You should understand now that the more you sell and the higher your ratings, the better your tier ranking, which means less money spent on fees. 

Now that you know how fees work and have some examples of how they will affect your profits, you can feel confident starting out as a merchant.


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