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If you are an eCommerce website owner who uses WordPress as their site host, you have probably already heard of WooCommerce. It is a very popular customizable plugin that helps set up an online store in a few minutes.

The plugin will include everything you need for a successful shop, such as payment methods, shipping options, and more. Let’s dive into the details of this plugin to help you figure out whether you need it or not.


Does WooCommerce accept ACH?

ACH payments or Automated Clearing House payments can easily be described as direct transfers, so transfers from one bank account to another without any extra steps like cheques, credit cards, or cash.

Instead, these payments go through the ACH network and end up as direct deposits on an account.

Many eCommerce stores offer ACH payments as a method of paying for products or services. Luckily, WooCommerce also offers acceptance of ACH payments as a payment method.

Once you install the plugin and set up your store, you can select ACH payments as an option on your store.


What is it Good For?

The first benefit of WooCommerce is that it’s free. It allows you to fully customize and edit your online store to fit your needs. The system is super easy-to-use and user-friendly, so you won’t find it difficult to navigate or understand.

Another advantage of using WooCommerce is that you will always have a backup platform that will store your customer purchase history and other crucial information.

Losing this information can make it hard to curate your store to your customer’s needs, so this will give you peace of mind. WooCommerce is also great because it offers a variety of payment processing methods. Some of the most popular ones are PayPal and Stripe.

With WooCommerce, your customers can also pay with their credit or debit cards, separate from an external platform. And of course, as mentioned above, WooCommerce also accepts ACH payments which is a huge benefit.


What Are the Flaws of it?

As with any plugin, WooCommerce comes with some minor flaws that may disturb the overall eCommerce process. When you use a combination of other plugins along with WooCommerce, you may run into some conflicts and issues between the plugins.

The best way to avoid this is to always keep your plugins updated, so they run well. Since WooCommerce offers a variety of payment processing methods, you may also run into payment errors.

This can sometimes be because the SSL certificate is not accurately configured to your eCommerce store, and most payment processing methods may not function properly if it isn’t.


When Should You Use it?

WooCommerce is fast and easy and should be used by whoever wants to open an eCommerce website on WordPress.

It’s simple to navigate, so you won’t need any special programming skills to set up your dream store. It can also be used for any type of online platform and not just stores, such as gyms, art studios, and more.

Instead of having to integrate multiple payment processing plugins separately, WooCommerce will just offer your customers a variety of payment methods with one click.

It’s all-inclusive and allows you to customize your unique website with tons of already available designs, along with the opportunity to create your own!


Things You Need to Avoid

When you install WooCommerce, you should always go the extra step of staging your site. This is especially important when you are updating the plugins or WooCommerce itself.

A staging website is like a clone of your website that you can run to test whether there are any errors or bugs in the setup. Some people may think this is unnecessary extra work, but this is a mistake you should avoid.

As mentioned above, another thing you should avoid is not updating plugins. If some plugins are updated, and others aren’t their designs may clash, leading to errors that will be inconvenient to a customer.

This is also important for the security of your website to keep it safe from any issues or threats.


Final Thoughts on WooCommerce ACH Gateway

WooCommerce is an incredibly convenient tool for newbies to the eCommerce world. It helps set up an online store with all the necessary functions in a few minutes and allows you to customize it however you like.

So, if all this sounds appealing to you, head to WordPress and start!


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